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School Holiday Programs

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Alanna’s Theatre and Dance Studio run a Musical Theatre School Holiday program each school holidays.

We have previously presented our own adaptations of shows such as Aladdin, The Lion King, Matilda, Willy Wonka Junior and are looking forward to our version of The Little Mermaid and Friends (inspired by the Little Mermaid)!

The program runs Monday to Friday from 9am-12pm with a staged performance with costumes, lighting and sound at 12pm on the final day. 

It is a jam packed week full of theatre games, vocal warm-ups, learning choreography, team building activities, rehearsals and making new friends. 

It is a condition of registration that the children have to be available for all 5 x days of the program. 

All children who participate in the program are given a role and create a character and identity. We try and give the students an even amount and sometimes share main character roles. 

The groups are divided into 3 age group categories and 1 teacher is allocated to each group plus the director to ensure the children are well supervised and well supported. 

1: grade 1 – 3

2: grade 4 – 6

3: grade 7 – 9

The children work in their age group (with a tutor) and as a full ensemble. 

Our final performance is a ‘workshop performance’ so while we try and get things as polished as we can, scripts are allowed on the stage as it is a work in progress. We are always so impressed with what the children are capable of achieving in such a short amount of time.

If your child has a passion for singing, dancing and acting then this is definitely the school holiday program for them! 

Summer School Holiday Program

Monday 18th – Friday 22nd January

Easter School Holiday Program: 

Monday 12th – Friday 16th April

9am-12pm with performance at 12pm on the Friday (goes for 45mins-1hour)


$245 per child

$470 sibling special  

Winter School Holiday Program: 

Date TBA

September School Holiday Program: 
Date TBA