Welcome to Alanna’s Theatre and Dance Studio

Dance classes at Alanna’s Theatre and Dance Studio are of a recreational nature. We pride ourselves on offering top quality Dance instruction and education without the stress and pressure of examinations or competitions. Classes are aimed for the beginner student or for those older students who have dabbled in dance in their younger years and would love to return to the studio in a safe and nurturing environment.

We aim to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere, nurturing each student’s individuality to build their confidence, love and appreciation for Dance. We focus on the fundamentals of Dance in a fun and exciting way, encouraging imagination and offering the opportunity for self-expression.

Classes contain an educational element on top of the practical skills taught and students will engage in activities to foster their creative expression, problem solving, risk taking and higher-order thinking skills all while having a great time.

No Exams. No Competitions. No Worries.


Children's Classes

Enrolment Information

  • Such an amazing and supportive teacher.

    Holly Lomas
  • I loved Ava in Alanna's class, it was so much fun.

    Ashley Ogilvie
  • Imaginative choreographer with a superb relationship with dancers and dance students. Highly recommended.

    Jill Strong
  • Alanna is a fabulous teacher who supports and challenges her students. I can't wait until my little one is old enough to join!

    Kate Esler
  • A great teacher and amazing choreographer!

    Charlotte Durance
  • Not only is Alanna an incredible teacher who has immense experience in so many areas of dance and theatre, she is a truly lovely person with inspiring commitment and passion. Anyone would be lucky to be taught by her!

    Amelia Tsindos
  • A truly professional dance teacher and choreographer! One to remember!

    Josh Gordon
  • An amazing drama and dance teacher with a beautiful spirit. Loved by all her students and just plain fabulous!

    Emma Harkin
  • A wonderful teacher and choreographer able to work with all skill levels!

    Jillian Wilson
  • I recommend Alanna with total confidence. A warm, enthusiastic, incredibly knowledgeable and talented practitioner and educator.

    Georgina Hearnden
  • An exceptional educator and choreographer with expertise in all dance genres. Inspirational and empowering!

    Kim Anderson
  • Alanna is an AMAZING dance and drama teacher. I highly recommend!

    Vanessa Meehan